We hope everyone is having a great 2016. Our latest release of Soul Reaper last Halloween will soon be followed by the final episode #7. The series will then be combined in one novel. Other works will be coming out this year as well. Stay tuned!

The morning started off just like any other - the sun rising in the east, the waves crashing in from the west, and for Alex Logan, the Santa Monica resident, heading for work was just part of another normal day. But by the time he arrived at his Los Angeles office, the world had changed. Now, miles from home, Alex must fight to get back to his family amid the terror, chaos, and mayhem. Before he starts his journey, he has to gather his thoughts and seek help before walking blindly into the crazed streets below. Will Alex even have a chance to make it out of his office? Will he be in time to save his wife and daughter? The action never stops in this short story of a man seeking to unite with his family before the world goes deeper into its apocalyptic spiral. Where will you be when the infection starts?    

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Night Dreams Series Book Trailer



Night Dreams #6 Soul Reaper is the latest release in the Night Dreams Series and is out in all eBook formats and soon in print.

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